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Benyamin Haftlang


Benyamin Haftlang is an independent filmmaker from Iran, he born on 1986. He won the Best shorts awards of Tehran international film festival for his first movie. He graduated from Bushehr art university with cinema directory degree.
Belal Taheri :
I’m an independent filmmaker and also founder and director of Cineport international film festival and I was a jury member of some national and international film festivals around the world like Edinburgh short film festival (England), Eurofilm festival (Spain), Ethnografilm festival (France), Conakry film festival (Congo), Jaipur film festival (India). 16 international film festival (India), Odisha film festival and Haryana international film festival.
I have bachelor of Biology (Zoalogy), Master of Oil engineering and  degree in cinema directing also.
I can speak in English, Turkish and Persian and I can understand Arabic language.

Saksham Ghai

My name is Saksham Ghai. I’m signed as a actor & model with 3 agents nationwide & internationally (San Francisco, Los Angeles & Venezuela -South America-) – Recently & thankfully, I won 3 awards at the Mr. India America 2015 Pageant in Los Angeles. Making it the 1st contestant in over 23 years to take home 3 awards. The awards are Mr. India Galaxy, People’s Choice Award & Most Photogenic Face.
As for Acting, I was recently given movie offers from both Hollywood & Bollywood. Audrey Magazine awarded me a spot in their 2015 “Haikus With Hotties” Calender as one of the most achieved Asian American Men of the year. I have done plently of short films (Dramatic, Comedic, Romantic, Horror, Adventerous & more) & commericals (BMW, Audi, Sony Playstation 4, Art Institute Of California & more) – Plenty of the short films I did went on to National & International Film Festivals (Brazil, Italy, Thailand, France, New York & more – One short film is in consideration for Cannes Film Festival) – I’ve done many Theatrical Plays, Music Video, Web Series & more.
For modeling, I was featured on the cover of JMG Magazine as Mr. India Galaxy. I’ve been featured on plently of other magazines & have modeled for Ralph Lauren, Nautica & Macys. The editorials I’ve done have gone to United Kingdom, New Zealand & many more places for publication & Tumblr picked it up as well, thankfully. I’ve done plently of Fashion Weeks, Fashion Shows & have hosted an event.
To see more of my work, please visit,
Saksham Ghai.

Keenan Robinson

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Mr. Keenan J. Robinson M.Ed. graduated with his B.A. in Economics and Finance (Business Administration) from Tennessee State University in 2005 and with his Master’s degree in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from Tennessee State University in 2011. Mr. Robinson is an award winning, internationally renowned educator, musician, poet, motivational speaker and philanthropist.Mr.Robinson has written an autobiography about his life named, ’’Nothing without GOD’’ which was later developed into a movie by the same name. This movie was accepted into several film festivals around the globe and received a distribution deal from Maverick Entertainment in 2016.

Mr. Robinson founded Nothing Without GOD Productions and Dakaj Designs (non-profit) in 2001.He created Inspirational Life in 2014 in order to provide a contrast to the negative images that are on mainstream media sources. Mr. Robinson has been featured in Esquire magazine, local newspapers as well as many radio and television productions internationally. He would like to leave a legacy of inspirational films, music, books and life poetry for future generations as a snap shot of life during his journey as a child of GOD.

Nicholas Catucci

Video Producer/Editor
Golden Art

Keshav Raina

Keshav who has exceled in the field of documentary film making on social causes has won many laurels and his films have been screened at Film Festivals in India, Malta, Russia, Turkey, China, Brazil, South Africa, France, Germany, Bangladesh, Netherlands and United States of America winning him critical acclaims. Some of his films were even uploaded by government agencies on their official websites for creating social awareness. He has been verily interviewed by TV channels and India’s leading political personalities cutting across their affiliations and ideologies have most often come together to stand by him at the launch of his short films and documentaries.

He has travelled through the entire length and breadth of India watching minutely the social issues and peoples’ struggles for a better tomorrow. He has visited most of the coal mines in the country recording on camera the travails of miners. He has also travelled extensively through Britain to get a feel of what’s common between the youth of this Asian subcontinent and the one time colonizers of most of the world. Thus he carries a practical experience of life of the society that we all live in today.

Highlighting the ills of our society in the day to day life, exploitation of the poor and oppressed has remained his major concern, working on which has been his passion. Young Keshav is a social activist and has devoted himself to the cause of creating social awareness against a variety of ills that plague our society today. He is now striving to graduate himself into making feature films based on social evils.

Moreover, he has represent India as a Jury member for an International Film Festival having judged over 2,500 films with duration of more than 850 hours. He is also in a multi film contract with a France based firm for distribution of his films in Europe. His vast experience with strong visual imaginations and aggressive distribution skills have made his earlier films a huge success.