Join us in Temecula June 19, 2018 - we hope to see you there!

About Us

A celebration of Independent film from around the world!

The Temecula International Film Festival will take place October 3, 2017 in Temecula, CA, USA. As a well established reality on the national and international festival scene, CSIFF mission is to support the distribution of Independent cinema, by offering national and international movie productions the place and time to exchange their views, conscious that the art of Cinema is the most powerful cultural communication channel, bringing people and cultures together. Where we love an independent film. The festival is free to attend, all film screenings and workshops are free to attend.

The Temecula International Film Festival’s mission is:

* To provide a viable platform for independent filmmakers and artists from around the world to showcase their works,
* To provide awareness to the world about the variety of educational, inspirational and positive works available and the need to integrate more of these types of works into society,
* To provide a networking platform for filmmakers and industry professionals
* To showcase the artistic excellence of children & youth in Phoenix and surrounding areas and provide scholarships to assist them in furthering their arts education.